Baxi Boiler Fitting & Installation Prices 2024

The average price of fitting a Baxi boiler is typically between £1500 – £2500 depending on the boiler used and labour costs. Baxi boilers start from around £800 and can rise to £1700 or more.

Fitting Prices for Different Baxi Boilers

Below are some of the most popular Baxi boiler models and their corresponding details and costs.

BoilerFuelModelDimensions (h x w x d in mm)Output (kW)Flow rate (l/min)Boiler Supply PriceTotal Cost (Supply + Install)
Baxi 224 Combi 2Gas200 Series700 x 395 x 285219.8£818 - £886£1318 - £2518
Baxi 228 Combi 2Gas200 Series700 x 395 x 2852111.5£858 - £938£1358 - £2558
Baxi 424 Combi 2Gas400 Series700 x 395 x 285219.8£895 - £960£1395 - £2595
Baxi 430 Combi 2Gas400 Series700 x 395 x 2852111.5£896 - £1038£1396 - £2596
Baxi 624 CombiGas600 Series700 x 390 x 2852010.2£985 - £990£1485 - £2685
Baxi 636 CombiGas600 Series700 x 390 x 2852515£1069 - £1179£1569 - £2769
Baxi Duo-Tec 24HEGasDuo-Tec780 x 450 x 345209.8£926 - £1026£1426 - £2626
Baxi Duo-Tec 28HEGasDuo-Tec780 x 450 x 3452411.5£1018 - £1118£1518 - £2718
Baxi Platinum 28HEGasPlatinum780 x 450 x 3452411.5£1163 - £1263£1663 - £2863
Baxi Duo-Tec 33HEGasDuo-Tec780 x 450 x 3452813.5£1102 - £1202£1602- £2802
Baxi 825Gas800 Series625 x 370 x 27025/£1399 - £1499£1899 - £3099
Baxi 830Gas800 Series700 x 390 x 2852012.2£1411 - £1511£1911 - £3111
Baxi 836 Combi 2Gas800 Series700 x 395 x 2852517.2£1559 - £1659£2059 - £3259

*Prices updated for 31/01/2024

Factors That Affect the Installation Cost

Several factors can affect the installation cost. Some of these are detailed below:

Do You Need a Filter Fitted?

A boiler filter, often referred to as a magnetic boiler filter or system filter, is a device installed on the pipework of the central heating system.

Its primary function is to capture any debris, sludge, or rust that circulates through the system. This debris, if left unchecked, can cause significant damage to the boiler and reduce its efficiency.

The price of the filter varies depending on the brand, quality, and specifications. High-efficiency filters with advanced features tend to be more expensive.

Is a Thermostat Needed?

A thermostat is a device that controls the heating system in a home, allowing users to set the desired temperature.

Modern thermostats range from basic models that simply control heating settings to advanced smart thermostats that offer a range of features like remote control, learning capabilities, and energy usage tracking.

Thermostats vary widely in price. Basic models are relatively inexpensive, while smart thermostats, which offer features like Wi-Fi connectivity, programmability, and integration with home automation systems, are more costly.

Where is the Flue Situated?

The flue is a critical component in the installation of a boiler, especially for gas boilers, as it safely channels exhaust gases (such as carbon monoxide) away from the boiler and out of the building.

There are different types of flues, such as standard horizontal flues, vertical flues, and flue extensions. The type of flue needed depends on where the boiler is located and where the gases can be safely vented.

For example, a vertical flue, which exits through the roof, is typically more expensive than a standard horizontal flue that exits through a wall.

Who Are Baxi?

The Baxi Heating brand portfolio includes Baxi, Potterton, Main Heating, Heatrae Sadia, Megaflo, Remeha, Andrews Water Heaters, Potterton Commercial, and Packaged Plant solutions.

It operates as part of the BDR Therma Group.

Company Information:

  • Company Number: 03879156
  • Registered Address: Brooks House, Coventry Road, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4LL
  • Incorporated: 12 November 1999

What Are the Differences Between the Baxi Boiler Range?

The Baxi boiler ranges cover a variety of needs, from compact combi boilers suitable for small to medium-sized properties to more powerful systems designed for larger homes.

The 200 Series offers basic, efficient heating solutions, while the 400 Series introduces more advanced features. The 600 Series focuses on high efficiency and compact design.

The 800 Series, including models like the 825, 830, and 836, emphasizes a blend of performance, efficiency, and user-friendly features, with options for both gas and LPG fuel types.

Duo-Tec models are known for their energy efficiency and user-friendly interface, making them a favorite among homeowners seeking comfort and cost savings.

The Platinum series, with its higher output models, is tailored for larger homes, offering exceptional hot water flow rates and the peace of mind of a longer warranty period.

Baxi Reviews

Boxi has a great reputation throughout the UK, with a 4.6 rating from 54,713 reviews (as of 31 Jan 2024). Plenty of boiler fitters use Baxi as their number 1 choice of boilers.

Be sure that your boiler has an extensive warranty and don’t pay the minimum just because you can. Cheaper models may not last as long and may not be cost beneficial over the long run.

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